Cold Weather Activities

December 24, 2015

Cold Weather Activities

Snowed in? Here are some indoor activities to keep your dog and you from cabin fever.

1.Trick Training

Your dog should know how to sit and stay, but does he know how to speak or shake? Take this time to teach an old dog a new trick, like how to train your dog to hug.

2. Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course out of furniture, and reward him with treats along the way. This keeps your dogs focus and gives him some much-needed exercise. If you have stairs use them! They are great for exercise.

3. Dog Puzzles

Create puzzles for your dog. Games such as the shell game, where you put a treat under on container and switch the containers to trick your dog. Try hiding treats around the house and have your dog go sniff them out. Try out the muffin tin treat game.

4. Hide and Seek

Put your dog in a sit position, and then go hide. Call your dog to you. This is a great game for working on your dogs’ sit and stay skills, as well as his recall. This game also strengthens the human/dog bond. Plus there is nothing better than the look on a dogs face when they find you!