Swim & Explore Bundle - Dog Swimming Kit

Do you love to bring your dog to the beach or lake? The Leashboss Swim & Explore Bundle is the perfect kit for those who want to swim and adventure with their pooch.
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With this product collection, you will have everything you need to safely and easily explore the great outdoors. The Long Trainer 50-foot leash in bright orange makes it easier to spot your dog in nature or in the water. This product works seamlessly with the Bungee Leash Extension and No-Pull Harness from our Pattern Collection. You'll love the bright matching colors.


Free Range 1" - 50 Foot Orange Dog Leash

Blanket Pattern Bungee Leash Extension for Absorbing Shock

Blanket Pattern Dog Harness

Leash Description:

The 1 Inch x 50 foot Free Range is one of our most popular long leashes. This length is the standard length for some dog training courses. It is great for recall training and outdoor play. The solid handle gives extra protection from a darting dog on a long leash.

Blanket Pattern Leash Extender Description:

A great choice for leash training, long leash play time, running, or walking with strong pullers. Both you and your dog will enjoy your time together more with this extender.

The bungee leash extender absorbs shock when your dog jerks or darts at the end of the leash. It quickly diffuses force to keep both you and your dog comfortable. You'll stay safe and reduce the strain on muscles and ligaments when your dog makes sudden movements, or when you must stop abruptly.

Blanket Pattern Harness Description:

Leashboss's No-Pull Pattern Collection Dog Harness features two attachment points for your walking preference. Front clip gives more control and is great for walking your dog in heel position. Back clip gives your dog more range of motion during your walks. This harness features reflective webbing on the back to make walks safer at night.


Leash and harness assembled in USA. Reflective bungee made in China.


Available in four sizes to fit most dogs. Measure your dog’s girth and neck to ensure the correct fit.

Small: 18.5" to 24" Girth / 15.5" to 17.5" Neck
Medium: 21.5" to 28" Girth / 16.5 to 19.5" Neck
Large: 25.5" to 33" Girth / 17.5" to 21" Neck
X-Large: 28.5" to 36" Girth / 18.5" to 22.5" Neck

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